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  • Rolleiflex 2.8E

    Lot: 722
    Sold for: $1,046$850

    Rolleiflex 2.8E, c. 1958, No. 1648686, with dual-range non-coupled exposure meter, f/2.8 80mm Schneider Xenotar lens, and Rolleikin 2. ...

  • Group of Rollei Accessories

    Lot: 724
    Sold for: $738$600

    Group of Rollei Accessories, Germany, many in original boxes including two extension hoods, Rolleiflex F auxiliary focusing knob, three Rolleimeter 3.5 rangefinders, four Rolleicord 24 exposure ...

  • Group of Rollei Accessories

    Lot: 371
    Sold for: $275$275

    Group of Rollei Accessories, including Rolleinar 0.7, Rolleikin, set of six color filters, two boxed panorama heads, flash units with manual, and various filters. ...

  • Rolleiflex TLR Camera and Accessories

    Lot: 410A
    Sold for: $470$400

    Rolleiflex TLR Camera and Accessories, 120-rollfilm, with a Heidosmat f/2.8 80mm viewing lens no. 799438 and a Schenider Xenotar f/2.8 80mm taking lens no. 5975066; Rollei Penta-Prism in maker's ...

  • Group of Rolleiflex TLR Accessories

    Lot: 412
    Sold for: $294$250

    Group of Rolleiflex TLR Accessories, two Rolleikins in cases, two prisms in cases, filters, and other items. ...

  • Rolleiflex TLR No. 1258820

    Lot: 1738
    Sold for: $118$100

    Rolleiflex TLR No. 1258820, 120-rollfilm, with a Heidosmat f/2.8 75mm. viewing lens no. 616311, a Zeiss-Opton Tessar T f/3.5 75mm. taking lens no. 893496, Rolleimeter and Rolleilux; a Rolleiflex TLR ...