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  • Turquoise Pressed Glass Dolphin Candlestick

    Lot: 164
    Sold for: $4,600$4,000

    Turquoise Pressed Glass Dolphin Candlestick, possibly Boston & Sandwich Glass Company, Sandwich, Massachusetts, 1845-70, the petal socket over dolphin standard with large head and well-defined eye ...

  • Four Blown Three-Mold Clear Glass Decanters with Stoppers and Two Blown Molded Dishes

    Lot: 286
    Sold for: $633$550

    Four Blown Three-Mold Clear Glass Decanters with Stoppers and Two Blown Molded Dishes, New England, c. 1840, the first decanter, possibly Boston & Sandwich Glass Company, Sandwich, Massachusetts, ...

  • Pearlware Porter Mug

    Lot: 402
    Sold for: $4,313$3,750

    Pearlware Porter Mug, Britain, c. 1820, decorated with dipped fan designs in brown, blue, and orange on an ochre field bordered by reeded bands colored in the glaze with cobalt, extruded handle with ...

  • Five Diminutive Blown Glass Chestnut Bottles

    Lot: 485
    Sold for: $3,220$2,800

    Five Diminutive Blown Glass Chestnut Bottles, probably Eastern U.S., mid-19th century, one pale green and globular in form, a light olive amber with slightly pinched side and domed kick-up, a dark ...

  • Four Blown Molded Cornucopia Flasks

    Lot: 511
    Sold for: $403$350

    Four Blown Molded Cornucopia Flasks, New England, 19th century, GIII-6, an olive and an amber, pints; GIII-11, an olive amber and an olive, ...

  • Three Diminutive Blown Colored Glass Items

    Lot: 535
    Sold for: $4,313$3,750

    Three Diminutive Blown Colored Glass Items, England or Eastern U.S., 19th century, ovoid flask of opalescent glass with pink marbrie loop decoration, a flattened spherical colorless glass flask with ...

  • Painted Wall Box

    Lot: 1121
    Sold for: $2,760$2,400

    Painted Wall Box, probably New York State, early 19th century, the shaped top above an open rectangular compartment with worn dark gray paint, ht. 15, wd. 7 7/8, dp. 3 1/4 in. Provenance: Kinnaman ...

  • Polychrome Carved Deer Figure

    Lot: 1337
    Sold for: $3,450$3,000

    Polychrome Carved Deer Figure, America, 19th century, worn brown paint with white accents on nose and underbelly, on green ground with stand, (missing one antler and part of right foreleg), ht. 17 ...

  • Polychrome Carved Ash Whirligig

    Lot: 1340
    Sold for: $1,725$1,500

    Polychrome Carved Ash Whirligig, America, late 19th century, possibly the figure of a woman in a hat and long dress, traces of red and blue paint, with stand, (lacking arms), ht. 22 1/4, wd. 3 3/4, ...

  • Miniature Painted Bushel Basket

    Lot: 1461
    Sold for: $748$650

    Miniature Painted Bushel Basket, America, 19th century, old cream-white paint over red, ht. 3 1/4, dia. 5 3/4 in. Provenance: Susan ...

  • Carved and Incised Wood Kangaroo

    Lot: 1483
    Sold for: $575$500

    Carved and Incised Wood Kangaroo, Fred Alten (1872-1945), Wyandotte, Michigan, body with traces of brown stain, red glass eyes, on a shaped base, with stand, ht. 7 1/4, wd. 3 1/4 in. N.B. See lot ...

  • Wrought Iron Coiled Snake-form Trivet

    Lot: 1527
    Sold for: $978$850

    Wrought Iron Coiled Snake-form Trivet, 19th century, with incised underside, on tripod base, (minor surface corrosion), ht. 3 1/4, lg. 10 1/2, dia. 4 3/4 in. N.B. Found in ...

  • Small Full-Bodied Lead-Mounted Carved Wood Fish Weathervane

    Lot: 1533
    Sold for: $2,645$2,300

    Small Full-Bodied Lead-Mounted Carved Wood Fish Weathervane, Midwestern United States, late 19th century, weathered surface, tail wrapped with lead sheeting, tacked button eyes, remnant of post, ...

  • Carved and Painted Wood Sturgeon Decoy

    Lot: 1539
    Sold for: $546$475

    Carved and Painted Wood Sturgeon Decoy, Michigan, early 20th century, metal mounted detail with traces of dark blue, black, and white, with stand, (minor losses), ht. 3 1/4, wd. 1 7/8, lg. 21 in. ...

  • Cast-Iron Flat Long-tail Horse Windmill Weight

    Lot: 225
    Sold for: $920$800

    Cast-Iron Flat Long-tail Horse Windmill Weight, Dempster Mill Manufacturing Company, Beatrice, Nebraska, early 20th century, mounted on a short base, silver paint, (surface imperfections), 18 1/2 x ...

  • Daguerrotype Portrait of a Gentleman. Unsigned

    Lot: 354A
    Sold for: $1,610$1,400

    Daguerrotype Portrait of a Gentleman. Unsigned, 3 3/4 x 3 1/4 in., including leatherette half case, (minor imperfections). N.B. The portrait in the daguerreotype is probably the work of the Prior ...

  • Carved and Inlaid Wooden Shoe-form Measuring Device

    Lot: 382
    Sold for: $920$800

    Carved and Inlaid Wooden Shoe-form Measuring Device, Holland, late 18th century, carved head of a gentleman with ivory inlaid eyes on a device with carved shoe-form base with inlaid metal buckle, ...

  • Twenty-seven Canton Items

    Lot: 412
    Sold for: $863$750

    Twenty-seven Canton Items, China, 19th century, including eight syllabubs with covers, seven syllabub covers, ten small plates, a ginger jar, and a creamer, (imperfections), ht. 3 1/4 to 6 3/4 ...

  • Pair of Miniature Brass Andirons and a Painted Storage Box with Faneuil Hall Motif

    Lot: 549
    Sold for: $460$400

    Pair of Miniature Brass Andirons and a Painted Storage Box with Faneuil Hall Motif, America, 19th century, the box lid decorated with an applied print of Faneuil Hall in Boston, with black and green ...

  • Chinese Export Mustard Pot and Square Dish

    Lot: 604
    Sold for: $460$400

    Chinese Export Mustard Pot and Square Dish, 19th century, mustard pot in a red floral pattern, the dish in the Red Bird and Sacred Flower pattern (chip), ht. 3 1/4, 2, dish dia. 10 1/2 ...


    Lot: 8
    Sold for: $470$400

    Dr. Edgar Burke (American, 20th Century) Lot of Six Portraits of Pigeons. Each signed l.r., pigeon's racing records affixed to reverse. Gouache on paper/board, each sight size 3 1/4 x 3 in., ...


    Lot: 286
    Sold for: $235$200

    Paul Outerbridge (American, 1896-1958) "Jewelry Design with Mask." Unsigned, identified on label on the reverse. Photogravure, 4 1/2 x 3 1/4 in., ...


    Lot: 8
    Sold for: $323$275

    Continental Porcelain Infant-form Perfume Bottle, late 18th/early 19th century, formed as a swaddled baby, with enamel detailing, and silvertone domed lid to the tapered base, lg. 3 1/4 ...


    Lot: 60
    Sold for: $147$125

    Boxed Set of English Silver Plate and Ivory Knife Rests, late 19th century, each formed as horizontal ivory posts with quatrefoil endcaps and X-form legs, in velvet lined box, lg. 3 1/4 in., box 7 ...


    Lot: 167
    Sold for: $235$200

    Seven Pieces of Colorless Cut and Etched Glassware, late 19th/early 20th century, comprising: a pair of goblets with molded bat's wing fluting, etched grape vines and monogram, ht. 5 3/4; a pair ...


    Lot: 235
    Sold for: $705$600

    Group of Three Glass Duck Figures, likely China, 20th century, in smoky topaz colored glass, with carved agate beaks, formed as an adult duck with two ducklings, with etched feather details and ...


    Lot: 329
    Sold for: $323$275

    Lady's Gilt-metal and Mother-of-pearl Dance Book, late 19th century, with floral embossed gilt-metal mounts, and mother-of-pearl covers engraved with border of anthemia and paterae, front ...


    Lot: 343
    Sold for: $206$175

    Continental Enamel Perfume Flask, late 18th/early 19th century, pear shaped, with silvered metal lid with bale, the flask with green ground, and two central cartouches of courting couples, lg. 3 1/4 ...


    Lot: 533
    Sold for: $235$200

    Sulphide Encrusted Glass Cameo Plaque, likely France, mid-19th century, the cameo depicting a profile bust of Napoleon, in press molded colorless plaque with scalloped edge, dia. 3 1/4 ...


    Lot: 631
    Sold for: $235$200

    Openwork Silver Basket, England or America, 19th century, circular, with twisted wire rim and upright handle, the tapered body with cast vine and leaf decoration, with engraved crest within a ...