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  • Two Pre-Columbian Pottery Bowls

    Lot: 1004
    Sold for: $175$140

    Two Pre-Columbian Pottery Bowls, with red and black geometric designs, and one with geometric designs on the exterior and figural motifs on interior, (reassembled from fragments), ht. 4 3/4, wd. 9 ...

  • Pre-Columbian Polychrome Pottery Bowl

    Lot: 1019
    Sold for: $63$50

    Pre-Columbian Polychrome Pottery Bowl, Nayarit, Chinesco style, western Mexico, decorated with a striped band and checkerboard design, ht. 3 1/4, dia. 7 in. ...

  • Pair of Pre-Columbian Pottery Cups

    Lot: 1053
    Sold for: $63$50

    Pair of Pre-Columbian Pottery Cups, Nazca, each decorated with painted linear designs, (one cup reconstructed from fragments, with a crack), ht. 5 1/4 and 5 in. ...

  • Pre-Columbian Pottery Vessel

    Lot: 1056
    Sold for: $163$130

    Pre-Columbian Pottery Vessel, Nazca, cylindrical vessel painted with a frieze of animals, with step and checkerboard design, (paint loss, reconstructed), ht. 8 1/4 in. ...

  • Pre-Columbian Textile Fragment

    Lot: 1061

    Pre-Columbian Textile Fragment, Chancay, Peru, c. 1100-1300 A.D., with multicolored avian designs, mounted on paper, lg. 39 3/4, wd. 7 in. ...

  • New Guinea Coconut

    Lot: 1094
    Sold for: $250$200

    New Guinea Coconut, coconut water container, decorated with relief carved designs, ht. 4 3/4 in. ...

  • New Guinea Bone Dagger

    Lot: 1103
    Sold for: $125$100

    New Guinea Bone Dagger, 19th century, possibly Maprik, polished cassowary leg bone with two incised circular designs on one side, with metal stand, lg. 12 1/2 in. Provenance: Fortess collection, ...

  • New Guinea Carrying Pole

    Lot: 1111

    New Guinea Carrying Pole, Sepik River, mid-20th century, hardwood, decorated on each side with repeated geometric designs, dark patina, lg. 52 1/4 in. Provenance: Fortess collection, Honolulu, ...

  • Massim Betel Nut Mortar

    Lot: 1120
    Sold for: $313$250

    Massim Betel Nut Mortar, Trobriand Islands, Papua New Guinea, late 19th/early 20th century, palmwood with incised scrollwork designs filled with lime pigments, lg. 4 3/4 in. Provenance: Fortess ...

  • Two Massim Lime Spatulas

    Lot: 1122

    Two Massim Lime Spatulas, Trobriand Islands, Papua New Guinea, early 20th century, a long clapper type with typical carved open scrollwork motifs, with a double-figured spatula with incised designs, ...

  • Two Massim Hardwood Clubs

    Lot: 1125
    Sold for: $531$425

    Two Massim Hardwood Clubs, Trobriand Islands, Papua New Guinea, carved from an ebony type hardwood, and decorated with finely incised scrollwork designs, filled with lime to highlight the ...

  • Headhunter's Bamboo Horn, Fu

    Lot: 1130
    Sold for: $188$150

    Headhunter's Bamboo Horn, Fu, Northwest Asmat, West Papua, early/mid-20th century, fully decorated on the exterior with typical anthropomorphic motifs and designs, used to terrify the enemy when ...

  • Korwar Canoe Prow Ornament

    Lot: 1132

    Korwar Canoe Prow Ornament, Cenderawasih Bay, Irian Jaya, Indonesia, 20th century, repeated cutout design with abstract figure atop, (losses), lg. 29 in. ...

  • Torres Straits Bamboo Pipe, Sukuba Morap

    Lot: 1133
    Sold for: $188$150

    Torres Straits Bamboo Pipe, Sukuba Morap, Eastern Islands, Mer (Murray) Island, Australia, early 20th century, long bamboo smoking pipe, with abstract pyrographic designs on exterior, with ...

  • Solomon Islands Wood Figure

    Lot: 1154
    Sold for: $531$425

    Solomon Islands Wood Figure, Central Solomon Islands, carved from an ebony hardwood, consists of a seated anthropomorphic figure with hands held under the chin, mouth open with teeth, the back ...

  • Fiji Hardwood Pole Club, Bovai

    Lot: 1174
    Sold for: $313$250

    Fiji Hardwood Pole Club, Bovai, 19th century, hardwood club with finely incised tavatava design on the grip, (part of the butt end cut off), lg. 42 1/2 in. ...

  • Two Small Samoan Clubs

    Lot: 1179
    Sold for: $1,000$800

    Two Small Samoan Clubs, late 19th century, two hardwood clubs one with the typical Samoan sawtooth design and the other with raised chevrons on the blade, each with pierced lugs on the butt, lg. 20 ...

  • Samoan Wooden War Club

    Lot: 1182
    Sold for: $238$190

    Samoan Wooden War Club, late 19th century, hardwood, carved with six chevrons in relief, together with chip carved zigzag designs filled with white pigments, lg. 28 in. ...

  • Large Cook Islands Ceremonial Wood Adze Handle

    Lot: 1185
    Sold for: $500$400

    Large Cook Islands Ceremonial Wood Adze Handle, Mangaia, 19th century, circular haft fully carved with repeated geometric designs, the top bound with sennit fiber, missing the small basalt blade, ...

  • Large Ashanti Wood Comb

    Lot: 1233
    Sold for: $250$200

    Large Ashanti Wood Comb, Ghana, with five long tines and two panels with finely incised geometric designs, smooth, worn patina, lg. 12 1/2 in. Provenance: Michael Rhodes, New York City. ...

  • Congo Palm Wine Cup

    Lot: 1240
    Sold for: $188$150

    Congo Palm Wine Cup, Suku, Democratic Republic of the Congo, double mouthed cup for drinking palm wine, decorated with crosshatched incised design on each side, smooth dark patina, (age crack on one ...

  • Songye Ceremonial Axe, Kilonda

    Lot: 1244
    Sold for: $313$250

    Songye Ceremonial Axe, Kilonda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, the thin cylindrical shaft encased in copper sheets, with a curved copper blade with intricate design work and a face on either ...

  • Kuba Knife

    Lot: 1249

    Kuba Knife, Democratic Republic of the Congo, forged iron blade, with incised linear accents, the wood handle decorated with finely woven wire designs, lg. 14 in. Provenance: Norman Hurst ...

  • Pair of Plains Child's Moccasins

    Lot: 1278
    Sold for: $375$300

    Pair of Plains Child's Moccasins, Lakota, c. 1900, with hard soles, soft hide sides, decorated with multicolored beaded designs on a white ground, lg. 6 in. ...

  • Plains Beaded Hide Child's Moccasins

    Lot: 1279
    Sold for: $500$400

    Plains Beaded Hide Child's Moccasins, c. 1900, with hard rawhide soles, soft hide sides, and decorated with multicolored geometric designs, lg. 7 in. ...

  • Pair of Plains Beaded Hide Moccasins

    Lot: 1280
    Sold for: $469$375

    Pair of Plains Beaded Hide Moccasins, 20th century, thick soles with a combination of multicolored beaded designs and images of birds, on a white background, lg. 11 in. ...

  • Pair of Plains Beaded Hide Moccasins

    Lot: 1281
    Sold for: $250$200

    Pair of Plains Beaded Hide Moccasins, Crow, early fourth quarter 19th century, decorated on the front with multicolored beaded foliate designs, (hide heavily damages with losses), lg. 9 3/4 in. ...

  • Pair of Beaded Hide Moccasins

    Lot: 1283
    Sold for: $344$275

    Pair of Beaded Hide Moccasins, Shoshone, c. 1900, decorated with multicolored geometric beaded designs, with soft hide sides and triangular tongues, lg. 8 1/4 in. ...

  • Pair of Plains Beaded Hide Moccasins

    Lot: 1284
    Sold for: $281$225

    Pair of Plains Beaded Hide Moccasins, with thick soles and soft hide uppers, the blue beaded ground decorated with red and white abstract designs, lg. 8 1/2 in. ...

  • Pair of Southern Plains Beaded Hide Moccasins

    Lot: 1285
    Sold for: $1,375$1,100

    Pair of Southern Plains Beaded Hide Moccasins, fourth quarter 19th century, with hard rawhide soles, and partially beaded with multicolored geometric designs on a white ground, (minor bead loss), ...