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  • Colomb, Captain Philip Howard

    Lot: 328
    Sold for: $323$275

    Colomb, Captain Philip Howard, Slave-Catching in the Indian Ocean, London, 1873, first edition, 8vo, gilt tooled calf, with engraved frontispiece, seven plates, and folding map in color, ...

  • Cuitt, George (1779-1854)

    Lot: 335
    Sold for: $294$250

    Cuitt, George (1779-1854), Wanderings and Pencillings Amongst Ruins of the Olden Times; A Series of Seventy-three Etchings, London, 1848, M.A. Nattali, gilt lettered half red morocco with marbled ...

  • Ellis, Henry (1777-1869)

    Lot: 358
    Sold for: $588$500

    Ellis, Henry (1777-1869), Journal of the Proceedings of the Late Embassy to China; comprising a correct narrative of the public transactions of the Embassy, of the Voyage to and from China, and of ...

  • Fraser, James Baillie (1783-1856)

    Lot: 367
    Sold for: $294$250

    Fraser, James Baillie (1783-1856), A Winter's Journey (Tartar) From Constantinople to Tehran; with Travel Through Various Parts of Persia, London, 1838, two volumes, old calf and marbled boards, ...

  • Hall, Captain Basil (1788-1844)

    Lot: 380
    Sold for: $881$750

    Hall, Captain Basil (1788-1844), Account of a Voyage of Discovery to the West Coast of Corea, and the Great Loo-choo Island...and a Vocabulary of the Loo Choo Language by H.J. Clifford, London, ...

  • Harriman, Edward H.

    Lot: 382
    Sold for: $646$550

    Harriman, Edward H., Harriman Alaska Expedition; with Cooperation of Washington Academy of Sciences, New York, 1901, two volumes (of fourteen), first edition, volume I, narrative of glaciers and ...

  • Morrell, Sir Charles (1736-1765)

    Lot: 427
    Sold for: $118$100

    Morrell, Sir Charles (1736-1765), The Tales of the Genii, London, 1764, two volumes, frontispiece, nine engravings, three-quarter mottled leather, marbled boards, gilt spine, ...

  • Norden, Friderik Ludwig

    Lot: 438

    Norden, Friderik Ludwig, Travels in Egypt and Nubia. Enlarged with Observations from ancient and modern Dr. Peter Templeman, London: Lockyer Davis and Charles Reymers, 1757, two ...

  • Roberts, David (1796-1864)

    Lot: 454
    Sold for: $25,850$22,000

    Roberts, David (1796-1864), Egypt and Nubia, From Drawings made on the Spot by David Roberts, R.A. with Historical Descriptions by William Brockedon, Lithographed by Louis Haghe, Day and Haghe, ...

  • Scott, Sir Walter (1771-1832)

    Lot: 461

    Scott, Sir Walter (1771-1832), Walter Scott's Works, London, [n.d], the Manuscript Edition, one of 100, thirty-three volumes, 8vo, gilt tooled and letter autumn leaf colored morocco with white ...

  • Spence, Reverend (1699-1768)

    Lot: 468
    Sold for: $411$350

    Spence, Reverend (1699-1768), Polymetis: or, an Enquiry concerning the Agreement between the Works of the Roman Poets, and the Remains of the Ancient Artists, London, 1747, R. Dodsley, first ...

  • Tasso, Torquato (1544-1595)

    Lot: 481
    Sold for: $529$450

    Tasso, Torquato (1544-1595),La Gerusalemme Liberata, Venice, 1673, Vidit Gabriel Baba, half vellum with engraved frontispiece and twenty full page engravings and colophon, ...

  • Attributed to Samuel L. Waldo, (American, 1783-1861) Portrait of Gentleman.

    Lot: 252
    Sold for: $940$800

    Attributed to Samuel L. Waldo, (American, 1783-1861)Portrait of Gentleman. Unsigned. Oil on panel, depicting the half-length bust of a gentleman wearing a black coat, high stock, and white jabot, ...

  • Raban, Ze'ev, The Book of Esther

    Lot: 56B

    Raban, Ze'ev, The Book of Esther, Jerusalem, c. 1947, with frontispiece and ten illustrations, Bezalel embossed binding with copper scene of Jerusalem. ...

  • Willard, Samuel

    Lot: 1362
    Sold for: $823$700

    Willard, Samuel Complete Body of Divinity, Boston, 1726, folio, lacking frontispiece, ...

  • Annesley, George Viscount Valentia & Earl of Mountmorris

    Lot: 97
    Sold for: $3,408$2,900

    Annesley, George Viscount Valentia & Earl of Mountmorris Voyage and Travels to India, Ceylon, The Red Sea, Abyssinia and Egypt in the Years 1802,1803, 1804, 1805, and 1806, London, 1809, three ...

  • Barrie, Sir James Matthew (1860-1937)

    Lot: 109
    Sold for: $3,290$2,800

    Barrie, Sir James Matthew (1860-1937), The Works of J.M. Barrie, New York, 1929, the Peter Pan Edition, one of thirty presentation copies, number 1 and signed by Barrie, fourteen volumes, having ...

  • Burton, Sir Richard Francis (1821-90)

    Lot: 120

    Burton, Sir Richard Francis (1821-90), Arabian Nights; The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, with Supplemental Nights, London, 1885-88, published by the Kamashastra Society, sixteen volumes ...

  • Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de

    Lot: 121
    Sold for: $499$425

    Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de, The History and Adventures of the Renowned Don Quixote, Dublin, 1796, four volumes, printed by John Chambers, translated by Tobias Smollett, small 8vo, gilt tooled and ...

  • Evelyn, John (1620-1706)

    Lot: 154
    Sold for: $470$400

    Evelyn, John (1620-1706), Silva: or, A Discourse of Forest-Trees, and the Propagation of Timber, York, 1801, third edition, 4to, later gilt tooled and lettered purple moroccan extra, with ...

  • Ford, Worthington Chauncey (1858-1941)

    Lot: 156
    Sold for: $441$375

    Ford, Worthington Chauncey (1858-1941), George Washington, Paris and New York, 1900, two volumes, 4to, gilt lettered and tooled three-quarter crushed red morocco, one of 1250, with twelve full page ...

  • Montanus, Arnoldus (1625?-83)

    Lot: 183
    Sold for: $8,225$7,000

    Montanus, Arnoldus (1625?-83), America: Being the Latest, and Most Accurate Description of the New World...Empires of Mexico and Peru...Their Cities, Fortresses, Towns...etc, London, 1671, ...

  • Ovid (43 B.C.-17? A.D.

    Lot: 193
    Sold for: $823$700

    Ovid (43 B.C.-17? A.D., Ovid's Metamorphoses in Fifteen Books. Translated by the Eminent Hands, London, 1717, printed for Jacob Tonson, 4to, later tree calf with gilt tooling and lettering, with ...

  • Park, Mungo

    Lot: 194
    Sold for: $235$200

    Park, Mungo, Travels in the Interior of Africa,...1795,1976 & 1797 London, 1799, 8vo, calf, with frontispiece and one full plate (good condition, bumped with repaired ...

  • Salt, Sir Henry

    Lot: 207
    Sold for: $2,350$2,000

    Salt, Sir Henry, A Voyage to Abyssinia and Travels to the Interior of that Country...1809 and 1810, London, 1814, 4to, gilt tooled and lettered full burgundy crushed morocco, with engraved ...

  • Scott, Sir Walter (1771-1832)

    Lot: 209

    Scott, Sir Walter (1771-1832), Walter Scott's Works, London, [n.d], the Manuscript Edition, one of 100, thirty-three volumes, 8vo, gilt tooled and letter autumn leaf colored morocco with white ...

  • Shillibeer, Lieut. John

    Lot: 212
    Sold for: $294$250

    Shillibeer, Lieut. John, A Narrative of the Briton's Voyage to Pitcairn Island; including an Interesting Sketch of the Present State of the Brazils and of South America, London, 1818, third ...

  • Stevenson, Alan (1807-65)

    Lot: 217
    Sold for: $382$325

    Stevenson, Alan (1807-65), Account of the Skerryvore Lighthouse, with Notes on the Illumination of Lighthouses, Edinburgh, 1848, 4to, half calf, with engraved frontispiece and thirty-three full page ...

  • Stevenson, Robert (1772-1850)

    Lot: 218
    Sold for: $382$325

    Stevenson, Robert (1772-1850), An Account of the Bell Rock Light-House including the Details of the Erection and Peculiar Structure of That Edifice, Edinburgh, 1824, 4to, half brown morocco with ...

  • (Native American)

    Lot: 249
    Sold for: $1,058$900

    (Native American), Encampment of Piekann Indians near Fort McKenzie on the Muscleshell River, published by McKenney and Hall, frontispiece from History of the Indian Tribes of No rth America, ...