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  • Carved Alabaster Egyptian Revival Figural Lamp Base

    Lot: 757
    Sold for: $748$650

    Carved Alabaster Egyptian Revival Figural Lamp Base, early 20th century, carved as a classical woman standing beside a figure of a sphinx, and a stylized palmette standard, on gray alabaster socle, ...

  • Small German Painted Porcelain Plaque of Ruth

    Lot: 773
    Sold for: $1,725$1,500

    Small German Painted Porcelain Plaque of Ruth, late 19th/early 20th century, after the painting by Bouguereau, the figure holding a sheaf of wheat, in gray shift, in giltwood frame, set into ...

  • Two Shagreen Covered Boxes

    Lot: 14
    Sold for: $690$600

    Two Shagreen Covered Boxes, first half 20th century, a wood-lined gray-green box with ivory banding at edges, ht. 2 1/2, lg. 6, wd. 3 7/8, and a smaller wood-lined green shagreen box, the lid with ...

  • Beadwork and Velvet Pillow

    Lot: 71
    Sold for: $201$175

    Beadwork and Velvet Pillow, with late 19th century beadwork, rectangular, with central demi-lune beaded panel of white, gray, pink, and blue floral scene, on gray velvet ground, with blue, gray, and ...

  • Two Nautical Instruments

    Lot: 267
    Sold for: $978$850

    Two Nautical Instruments, an ebony octant, maker's name indistinct, with brass arm and ivory scale and vernier, radius 12 in., in a gray-painted shaped case; and a 2-inch marine telescope with ...

  • Le Gray

    Lot: 352
    Sold for: $633$550

    Le Gray, Gustave, NOUVEAU TRAITE THEORIQUE ET PRACTIQUE DE PHOTOGRAPHIE, Paris, 1851, 8vo, printed green wraps, 179 pages, (damp-stained, ...

  • Gray Leica IIIc

    Lot: 394
    Sold for: $1,725$1,500

    Gray Leica IIIc, No. 390197K, 1936/46, gray painted and body, K marking on shutter, 5 cm, f/2 lens, No. 584591, in ever-ready ...

  • Sterling Silver and Plique-a-Jour Enamel Pendant

    Lot: 125
    Sold for: $863$750

    Sterling Silver and Plique-a-Jour Enamel Pendant, c. 1910, the shaped plaque decorated with blue-gray plique-a-jour enamel in a trellis and floral vine design, enhanced with cabochon green and pink ...

  • Two Cameo Brooches

    Lot: 164
    Sold for: $460$400

    Two Cameo Brooches, shell cameo depicting a winged female holding two cherubs within a 14kt gold wiretwist locket frame; the other depicting a classical couple against a gray background, possibly ...

  • Ladys Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Wristwatch

    Lot: 451
    Sold for: $690$600

    Lady's Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Wristwatch, Glycine, rectangular dial with Arabic numerals, 17 jewel nickel movement, bezel and lugs set with forty full-cut diamonds, engraved gallery, ...

  • American School

    Lot: 268
    Sold for: $863$750

    American School, Second Quarter 19th Century Theorem: Still Life of Fruit and Foliage on a Footed Compote Placed on a Marble Slab. Unsigned. Watercolor on velvet worked in shades of green, brown, ...

  • American School

    Lot: 345
    Sold for: $460$400

    American School, early 19th Century Floral Still Life. Unsigned. Watercolor on paper, basket of flowers on a gray marble plinth, painted in shades of pink, blue, yellow, red, and green, 15 1/2 x ...

  • Pearlware Pint Mug with Attached Pewter Lid

    Lot: 415
    Sold for: $2,530$2,200

    Pearlware Pint Mug with Attached Pewter Lid, Britain, the mug is banded in blue, gray, and black with cat's eyes on black in blue, gray, and white, and scroddled three-color slip decoration on ...

  • Slip-Banded Creamware Wash Basin

    Lot: 420
    Sold for: $9,775$8,500

    Slip-Banded Creamware Wash Basin, Britain, c. 1820, decorated inside and out in blue/gray, pink, orange, white, brown, and black with cat's eyes, cable (earthworm) and dots, ht. 6 1/8, dia. 14 ...

  • Hemispherical Pearlware Serving Bowl and Cover

    Lot: 427
    Sold for: $2,530$2,200

    Hemispherical Pearlware Serving Bowl and Cover, Britain, c. 1840, with black, white, and ochre cat's eyes on a gray field with black bands, the cover matching with a simple flat knop, cover dia. ...

  • Pearlware Baluster-form Jug

    Lot: 428
    Sold for: $4,313$3,750

    Pearlware Baluster-form Jug, Britain, c. 1835, banded in extremely rare slip colors of apple green and purple with black accent bands and a gray band with black, blue, and white cat's eyes, the ...

  • Ralph W. Gray (American, 1880-1944)

    Lot: 483
    Sold for: $1,150$1,000

    Ralph W. Gray (American, 1880-1944) "Mountains at Sunset" Signed, inscribed and dated "Ralph W. Gray Tucson 1942" l.r., label from the Guild of Boston Artists and the Museum of Fine ...

  • Painted and Carved Wood Ventriloquists Head

    Lot: 1003
    Sold for: $4,025$3,500

    Painted and Carved Wood Ventriloquist's Head, 19th century, with articulated jaw, green, gray, and white paint, black accents, with stand, (minor paint losses, chip), ht. 10 1/2, wd. 6 3/4, dp. ...

  • Chalkware Seated Whippet

    Lot: 1009
    Sold for: $1,840$1,600

    Chalkware Seated Whippet, America, c. 1850, black-spotted white dog on gray base, with Livingston, New York, tag, (slight paint loss), ht. 18, lg. 13 in. Provenance: Sidney ...

  • Polychrome Carved Wood Whimsey

    Lot: 1044
    Sold for: $2,760$2,400

    Polychrome Carved Wood Whimsey, signed "M.M. Watts," dated 1881, with gray, blue, and salmon paint, (paint wear, finial missing), ht. 20 1/8, base 2 5/8 x 2 5/8 in. N.B. Found in New York ...

  • Molded Metal Bird and Fish Weathervane

    Lot: 1090
    Sold for: $1,150$1,000

    Molded Metal Bird and Fish Weathervane, Illinois, early 20th century, the full-bodied bird flies with the aid of propellers above a fish, both of which have marble eyes, unpainted weathered gray ...

  • Grain Painted Pine Stand-up Desk

    Lot: 1103
    Sold for: $2,185$1,900

    Grain Painted Pine Stand-up Desk, northern New England or New York State, late 18th/early 19th century, the hinged lid opens to twelve compartments and four drawers above a base with single drawer ...

  • Painted Wall Box

    Lot: 1121
    Sold for: $2,760$2,400

    Painted Wall Box, probably New York State, early 19th century, the shaped top above an open rectangular compartment with worn dark gray paint, ht. 15, wd. 7 7/8, dp. 3 1/4 in. Provenance: Kinnaman ...

  • Turned Barrel-form Painted Jar

    Lot: 1124
    Sold for: $460$400

    Turned Barrel-form Painted Jar, America, 19th century, the circular top on a ring-turned jar, painted red over an earlier gray, ht. 8 1/2, dia. 6 1/8 ...

  • Carved and Painted Weasel

    Lot: 1215
    Sold for: $1,840$1,600

    Carved and Painted Weasel, attributed to Fred Alten (1872-1945), Wyandotte, Michigan, gray paint with red bead eyes, ht. 2 3/4 wd. 2, lg. 13 in. N.B. See lot 1211 for more information on Alten. ...

  • Polychrome Carved Horse Pull-toy

    Lot: 1281
    Sold for: $1,150$1,000

    Polychrome Carved Horse Pull-toy, probably America, c. 1900, dapple-gray paint, amber glass bead eyes and leather saddle, (missing one stirrup, ears, mane, and wheels, paint wear), ht. 28 1/2, wd. ...

  • Carved Wood Seagull

    Lot: 1311
    Sold for: $978$850

    Carved Wood Seagull, Massachusetts, 1940s, the gull with iron feet standing on a rooftop perch, weathered surface with traces of gray and white paint, no stand, ht. 9, lg. 20 in. Provenance: Aarne ...

  • Windsor Low Combed Armchair

    Lot: 1350
    Sold for: $8,050$7,000

    Windsor Low Combed Armchair, possibly Rhode Island, late 18th century, the shaped crest above vase and ring-turned spindles and shaped back continuing to scrolled hand-holds on vase and ring-turned ...

  • Painted Pine Picture Frame

    Lot: 1369
    Sold for: $1,093$950

    Painted Pine Picture Frame, c. 1870, beveled rectangular form with gray free-brush leaf decoration, ht. 20 1/4, wd. 16 1/8 ...

  • Two Carved and Painted Horses

    Lot: 1404
    Sold for: $978$850

    Two Carved and Painted Horses, attributed to Fred Alten, c. 1910, one dapple gray, the other black, no stands, (the gray missing one glass eye), ht. 12 and 7 1/2 in. N.B. See lot 1211 for more ...