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  • Painted Wood and Tin Roadster

    Lot: 1471

    Painted Wood and Tin Roadster, early 20th century, light green and red body with striped detail, metal frame, spoked metal wheels, rubber inserts, and drive mechanism, lg. 45 in., (missing one ...

  • Boxed Buddy "L" Painted Steel "Fire Department Emergency" Truck

    Lot: 1473
    Sold for: $100$100

    Boxed Buddy "L" Painted Steel "Fire Department Emergency" Truck, red truck with decals on either side of the body (left scratched), two white ladders, hard-rubber tires, and original box, lg. 12 1/2 ...

  • Painted Metal Clockwork Sports Car

    Lot: 1480
    Sold for: $150$150

    Painted Metal Clockwork Sports Car, Germany, mid-20th century, with gray body, navy blue fenders, rubber tires, and red interior, lg. 9 3/4 in. ...

  • Kingsbury Painted Steel Toy Roadster

    Lot: 1494A
    Sold for: $350$350

    Kingsbury Painted Steel Toy Roadster, New Hampshire, c. 1930s, with red chassis, tan body, rubber tires, battery-operated head and tail lights, lg. 12 1/2 in., (inoperative, some rust and paint ...

  • Cast Iron Dump Truck No. 832

    Lot: 154
    Sold for: $119$100

    Cast Iron Dump Truck No. 832, red chassis and open cab, green dump body, and rubber tires, lg. 6 5/8 in., (missing driver, some paint and tire wear), together with three toy vehicles and an assorted ...

  • Three Cast Iron Trucks

    Lot: 601
    Sold for: $118$100

    Three Cast Iron Trucks, yellow and black stake-body delivery; red and black single-piece dump; yellow and blue truck with tin dump, all with rubber tires, lg. 4 3/4, 5 and 6 1/2 in., (some paint ...

  • Roullet et Decamps Drinking Bear Automaton

    Lot: 574
    Sold for: $2,233$1,900

    Roullet et Decamps Drinking Bear Automaton, with brown fur-covered body, glass eyes, articulated jaw, carved paws with defined claws holding pewter tankard and bottle, the open-spring mechanism with ...

  • Bebe Bonne Automaton by Lambert

    Lot: 641
    Sold for: $3,525$3,000

    Bebe Bonne Automaton by Lambert, with Simon & Halbig head impressed 1300 - 6, S & H, straight neck, open mouth, articulated blue glass eyes with lashes, pierced ears, later blonde mohair wig, and ...

  • Early Mickey Mouse

    Lot: 1036
    Sold for: $1,293$1,100

    Early Mickey Mouse, probably by Knickerbocker, with "rat-nosed" velveteen face, stitched mouth, "cut-pie" eyes, felt ears and gloved yellow hands, cloth body, red shorts with mother-of-pearl ...

  • Steiff White Mohair Teddy Bear

    Lot: 864
    Sold for: $16,450$14,000

    Steiff White Mohair Teddy Bear, circa 1905, with shoebutton eyes, brown embroidered nose, mouth and claws, blank ear button and paper tag 5317 geschutzt, excelsior-stuffed body with back hump and ...

  • Lots of Six Dolls and a Bed

    Lot: 1555
    Sold for: $129$110

    Lots of Six Dolls and a Bed, wax-over-composition pumpkin head with cloth body and composition limbs; New York World's Fair doll; pair of rubber Hummel children; a Bondling bed with composition ...

  • Four Composition, Wood, and Bisque Doll Items

    Lot: 605B
    Sold for: $118$100

    Four Composition, Wood, and Bisque Doll Items, early to mid-20th century, all-composition jointed Campbell kid girl, commercial dress, and composition baby with rubber body, both ht. 12; Dutch peg ...

  • Kwanon Prototype Camera

    Lot: 376
    Sold for: $138,000$120,000

    Kwanon Prototype Camera, numbered 2 on inside of base plate, black paint, with nickel-plated fittings, pop-up viewfinder, shutter speeds 2, 25, 40, 60, 100, 200, 500, rewind knob, exposure counter ...

  • Doll Carriage and Group of Assorted Dolls

    Lot: 1540
    Sold for: $147$125

    Doll Carriage and Group of Assorted Dolls, 1920s-70s, O.W. Siebert Co., Gardner, Massachusetts, tan wicker carriage body and articulated hood, metal frame, rubber tires, lg. 31 in.; composition and ...

  • Steiff Mohair Ride-on Turtle

    Lot: 1735
    Sold for: $588$500

    Steiff Mohair Ride-on Turtle, mid 20th century, beige, light yellow and light green upper body with brown airbrushed markings, yellow underside, peach felt open mouth, round black eyes, brown felt ...

  • Two Painted Steel Vehicles

    Lot: 273A
    Sold for: $12$10

    Two Painted Steel Vehicles, "Hamilton Greyhound" red, white, and blue scooter with rubber tired white disk wheels, lg. 24 3/4 in.; ride-on dump truck, red cab, blue body, with rubber-tired red disk ...

  • Wilkins Painted Steel Fire Pumper

    Lot: 1058
    Sold for: $441$375

    Wilkins Painted Steel Fire Pumper, 1910, yellow steel body, gold boiler, wooden air chamber and pump cylinders, cast metal wheels with rubber tires, cast iron driver, woven hose with cast nozzle, ...

  • Two Painted-Steel Roadsters

    Lot: 1074
    Sold for: $176$150

    Two Painted-Steel Roadsters, 1920s, Schieble Toy Co., a navy blue auto with red roof, yellow wheels with Firestone rubber tires, flywheel action, lg. 18; and a yellow-body auto with red roof black ...

  • Hydraulically-Operated Structo Painted Steel Dump Truck

    Lot: 1077
    Sold for: $88$75

    Hydraulically-Operated Structo Painted Steel Dump Truck, mid 20th century, Kelly green cab, orange body, decals on doors and top of body, solid rubber tires, (some paint scuffing and rust), lg. 20 ...

  • Unusual Composition Shoulder Head Character Doll

    Lot: 1663
    Sold for: $235$200

    Unusual Composition Shoulder Head Character Doll, modeled as an old woman, with downturned mouth, painted eyes, molded strands of hair emerging under white widow's cap, fabric body with leather ...

  • Natural Wicker Doll Carriage

    Lot: 1721
    Sold for: $59$50

    Natural Wicker Doll Carriage, late 19th/early 20th century, wicker body with sleigh ends and rolled top edges, dark red leatherette interior, metal wheels with thin rubber tires, curled wire handle ...

  • Effanbee Dy-Dee Baby, Saucy Walker and Wardrobe of Clothes

    Lot: 2092
    Sold for: $206$175

    Effanbee Dy-Dee Baby, Saucy Walker and Wardrobe of Clothes, Dy-Dee c. 1940, composition head, blue sleeping eyes, molded painted hair (some wear and soil to face), bent limb rubber body in soft, ...

  • Metal Baby Carriage and German Bisque Baby Doll

    Lot: 2171
    Sold for: $147$125

    Metal Baby Carriage and German Bisque Baby Doll, carriage with metal body, blue leatherette hood, rubber tires, label on bottom RED Made in France, (soil and wear) 11 x 9 in.; tiny bisque head AM ...

  • Effanbee Dy-Dee Baby and Black "Harmonica Joe" Doll

    Lot: 2212
    Sold for: $94$80

    Effanbee Dy-Dee Baby and Black "Harmonica Joe" Doll, c. 1930s, Dy-Dee with sleeping eyes, open mouth, molded and painted hair, on soft rubber body embossed EFF AN BEE DY-DEE BABY with list ...

  • Hubley "General" Power Shovel

    Lot: 1451
    Sold for: $499$425

    Hubley "General" Power Shovel, green cab and chassis, red body, nickel shovel, and rubber tires, (slight paint wear), lg. 8 5/8 ...

  • Leather and Amazonia Rubber Handbag

    Lot: 2

    Leather and Amazonia Rubber Handbag, Hermès "Evelyne", the black amazonia body edged with yellow leather, adjustable leather strap, gold tone fittings, canvas and leather interior with two ...

  • Early French Bisque Head Lady Doll with Wardrobe

    Lot: 40
    Sold for: $9,400$8,000

    Early French Bisque Head Lady Doll with Wardrobe, c. 1870, dark blue stationary eyes, closed mouth, unpierced ears, cup and saucer neck, original light blonde braided mohair wig, kid body with ball ...

  • Gutta Percha Bru Bebe Doll

    Lot: 332
    Sold for: $940$800

    Gutta Percha Bru Bebe Doll, France, c. 1880s, head of terra-cotta colored gutta percha, blue paperweight feathered eyes, closed mouth, unpierced ears (tiny eye chip, nose and chin rubs, some paint ...

  • K * R Rubber Head Character Child Doll

    Lot: 430
    Sold for: $382$325

    K * R Rubber Head Character Child Doll, Germany, c. 1920, molded rubber head and arms, blue painted eyes, closed mouth, embossed K*R Germany 817, rubber version of mold 117, (some crazing to finish, ...

  • Lot of Three Dolls

    Lot: 127
    Sold for: $118$100

    Lot of Three Dolls, small bisque head baby doll, painted eyes, composition body (no arms); composition Campbell Kid doll (finger and foot damage, soil), ht. 12; Tiny Tears baby, rubber body ...