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  • Hart, John (1711-1779), Signer from New Jersey

    Lot: 67
    Sold for: $470$400

    Hart, John (1711-1779), Signer from New Jersey, Signed Document, July 6th, 1768, two pages, a legal document certifying the inventory from the Estate of Thomas Anderson of Hopewell, an interesting more ...

  • Hart, John (1711-1779), Signer from New Jersey

    Lot: 68
    Sold for: $118$100

    Hart, John (1711-1779), Signer from New Jersey, Signed twelve shilling note, no. 7091, issue date March 25th, 1776, also signed by two others, 2 1/8 by 4 7/8 in., (fading and more ...

  • Hayes, Rutherford B. (1822-1893)

    Lot: 69
    Sold for: $940$800

    Hayes, Rutherford B. (1822-1893), Autograph Letter Signed, August 24th, 1875, three pages, to Fred Wilkes of Poland, Ohio, a lengthy letter discussing who is reading his correspondence, answering more ...

  • Hayes, Rutherford B. (1822-1893)

    Lot: 70
    Sold for: $1,528$1,300

    Hayes, Rutherford B. (1822-1893), Autograph Letter Signed, August 8th, 1892, one page, to Mr. William Clark of Belmont County, Ohio, concerning and accepting an invitation to visit the Clarks at more ...

  • Hayes, Rutherford B. (1822-1893)

    Lot: 71
    Sold for: $294$250

    Hayes, Rutherford B. (1822-1893), Signed Document, March 5th, 1880, one page, as President, ordering the great seal to be affixed to a warrant for the pardon of John B. Middleton, (very more ...

  • Henry, Patrick (1736-1799)

    Lot: 72
    Sold for: $823$700

    Henry, Patrick (1736-1799), Signed Document, January 30th, 1786, as Governor of Virginia, one page, vellum, land grant to Benjamin Say, 1300 acres in Monongalia County, with seal intact, docketed more ...

  • Heyward, Thomas, Jr. (1746-1809), Signer from South Carolina

    Lot: 73
    Sold for: $353$300

    Heyward, Thomas, Jr. (1746-1809), Signer from South Carolina, Signed Document, August 27th, 1788, one page, summons for John Hamilton to appear before the justices of the state on the charge of more ...

  • Hoover, Herbert (1874-1964)

    Lot: 74
    Sold for: $529$450

    Hoover, Herbert (1874-1964), Three articles; signed copy of his inaugural address, delivered March 4th, 1929, eight pages, typed, with a note from his assistant; Letter Signed, November 1st, 1947, more ...

  • Hoover, Herbert (1874-1964) & Hoover, Lou Henry

    Lot: 74A
    Sold for: $705$600

    Hoover, Herbert (1874-1964) & Hoover, Lou Henry, Four articles, comprising two signature cards, a Signed Address given by the Honorable Herbert Hoover, March 28th, 1941, "The Question of more ...

  • Hopkins, Stephen (1707-1785), Signer from Rhode Island

    Lot: 76
    Sold for: $470$400

    Hopkins, Stephen (1707-1785), Signer from Rhode Island, Autograph Document Signed, May 12th, 1755, Newport, as a member of the war committee (French and Indian War), ordering the treasurer to pay more ...

  • Hopkinson, Francis (1737-1791), Signer from New Jersey

    Lot: 77
    Sold for: $323$275

    Hopkinson, Francis (1737-1791), Signer from New Jersey, Signed Document, December 28th, 1778, one page, as Treasurer of Loans, Continental Loan Office bill of exchange paid to Joseph Brown, more ...

  • Huntingham, Samuel (1731-1796), Signer from Connecticut

    Lot: 78
    Sold for: $294$250

    Huntingham, Samuel (1731-1796), Signer from Connecticut, Signed Document, December 3rd, 1788, one page, as Governor of Connecticut, payment note directed to the treasurer of the state Oliver more ...

  • Jackson, Andrew (1767-1845)

    Lot: 79
    Sold for: $4,994$4,250

    Jackson, Andrew (1767-1845), Autograph Letter Signed, June 21st, 1820, two pages, to Governor John Clark of Georgia, a forthright political letter written during a time when his own campaign was more ...

  • Jackson, Andrew (1767-1845)

    Lot: 80
    Sold for: $1,645$1,400

    Jackson, Andrew (1767-1845), Manuscript Document Signed, Sept. 28th, 1830, one page, as President, on vellum, land grant to James Smith, Lieutenant in the Virginia Line for seven years, his service more ...

  • (Jackson's Cabinet)

    Lot: 81

    (Jackson's Cabinet), Three articles, Taney, Roger B. (1777-1864), Sec. of War, Attorney General, Letter Signed, March 20th, 1834, one page, to the Treasury Dept., concerning specie and public more ...

  • Jefferson, Thomas (1743-1826)

    Lot: 82
    Sold for: $8,813$7,500

    Jefferson, Thomas (1743-1826), Letter Signed, April 6th, 1790, as Secretary of State, one page, to George Clinton, Governor of New York, concerning two official Acts enclosed, one concerning claims more ...

  • Johnson, Andrew (1808-1875)

    Lot: 83
    Sold for: $4,994$4,250

    Johnson, Andrew (1808-1875), Autograph Letter Signed, November 8th, 1862, as Military Governor of Tennessee, three pages, to President Abraham Lincoln, describing the events in Tennessee, his more ...

  • Johnson, Andrew (1808-1875)

    Lot: 84
    Sold for: $705$600

    Johnson, Andrew (1808-1875), Signed Document, September 7th, 1868, one page, authorization to affix the seal of the United States to the pardon of John S. Allen, (slight more ...

  • (Johnson, Andrew, His Cabinet)

    Lot: 85

    (Johnson, Andrew, His Cabinet), Four articles, Foster, Lafayette Sabine (1806-1880), Acting Vice President, Letter Signed, November 28, 1855, one page, concerning an audit; Chambers, William, Acting more ...

  • (Johnson, Lyndon B.)

    Lot: 88
    Sold for: $176$150

    (Johnson, Lyndon B.), Collection of paper related to the Johnson administration, including signed photographs, letters and speeches from Hubert Humphrey, Lady Bird Johnson, the Cabinet and a number more ...

  • Kennedy, Robert ( 1925-1968)

    Lot: 89
    Sold for: $470$400

    Kennedy, Robert ( 1925-1968), Signed Photograph, undated, in black and white, 8 by 10 in.; together with a collection of paper related to the administration of John F. Kennedy, including signed more ...

  • Lee, Richard Henry (1732-1794), Signer from Virginia

    Lot: 90
    Sold for: $3,525$3,000

    Lee, Richard Henry (1732-1794), Signer from Virginia, Autograph address leaf with franking signature, undated, to Thomas S. Lee in Williamsburg, Virginia, with partial postal marking "28 MA" more ...

  • Lee, Robert E. (1807-1870)

    Lot: 91
    Sold for: $3,290$2,800

    Lee, Robert E. (1807-1870), Signed carte-de-visite, undated, shown in profile, the reverse stamped M.B. Brady & Co. Portrait Galleries, 2 3/8 by 3 1/2 in., more ...

  • Lincoln, Abraham (1808-1865)

    Lot: 92
    Sold for: $7,638$6,500

    Lincoln, Abraham (1808-1865), Autograph Note Signed, January 21st, 1864, one page, six-line docket response to a letter from William W. Reese to the Reverend William Johnson, resigning from his more ...

  • (Lincoln's Cabinet)

    Lot: 93

    (Lincoln's Cabinet), Three articles, Hamlin, Hannibal (1809-1891), Vice President, Autograph Letter Signed, (August 1852), one page, to A.B. Hamilton, concerning a report relating to the more ...

  • Lincoln, Robert Todd (1843-1926)

    Lot: 94
    Sold for: $118$100

    Lincoln, Robert Todd (1843-1926), Letter Signed, December 5th, 1883, two pages, as Sec. of War, to Charles Greenough, informing him that a requested appropriation must be approved by Congress, more ...

  • Livingston, William (1723-1790), Signer from New Jersey

    Lot: 95
    Sold for: $646$550

    Livingston, William (1723-1790), Signer from New Jersey, Signed Document, February 7th, 1777, as Governor of New Jersey, one page, appointing George MacLaughlin as Justice of the Peace for the more ...

  • Madison, James (1751-1836)

    Lot: 96
    Sold for: $999$850

    Madison, James (1751-1836), Letter Signed, June 22nd, 1807, one page, as Secretary of State, a circular letter to the Collectors of Customs in various port cities demanding that they stop issuing more ...

  • McKinley, William (1843-1901)

    Lot: 97
    Sold for: $294$250

    McKinley, William (1843-1901), Two articles, Letter Signed, June 12th, 1895, one page, as Governor of Ohio, to Mr. Melville Stone of the Associated Press, concerning his inability to attend the more ...

  • McKinley, William (1843-1901)

    Lot: 98
    Sold for: $206$175

    McKinley, William (1843-1901), Signed Document, September 18th, 1895, as Governor of Ohio, one page, appointing Willis E. Weston as County Recorder of Marion, Ohio, countersigned by Laurence Taylor, more ...