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Constant Troyon (French, 1810-1865) Brebis et son agneau






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November 14, 2008 4:00PM


Constant Troyon (French, 1810-1865)

Brebis et son agneau
Initialed "CT" l.l., stamped "VENTE TROYON" in red l.r., labeled "5093" and "669"
on the stretcher.
Oil on canvas, 46 3/4 x 35 in. (118.5 x 88.9 cm), framed.
Condition: Lined, scattered retouch, varnish inconsistencies, scattered craquelure.

Provenance: Vente Troyon, 1866; Vente J. Koechlin, 1885; through to Charles Kennedy Haddon, circa 1930, one of the three founding inventors of the Victor Talking Machine Co., Camden, New Jersey, then by descent to the present owner.

Literature: Louis Soullie & Philippe Burty, Peintures, pastels, aquarelles, dessins de Constant Troyon releve's dans les catalogues de ventes de 1883 a 1900... (Paris: 1900), pg. 156.
N.B. A member of the Barbizon School, Constant Troyon was originally trained as a porcelain painter at the Sèvres factory where his father worked. Troyon's first lessons in drawing and painting were from porcelain painters who worked with his father, Denis-Désiré Riocreux (who helped found the Musée National de Céramique) and Antoine-Achille Poupart.(1) Through his friend, Camille Roqueplan, Troyon met the landscape painters Théodore Rousseau, Paul Huet, and Jules Dupres who would later become fellow members of the Barbizon School.

Troyon took an interest in 17th century Dutch landscape painting, especially the work of Jacob van Ruisdael, whose influence can be seen in many of his paintings.(2) In 1847, he traveled to Belgium and the Netherlands where he discovered the work of Paulus Potter and Aelbert Cuyp. In 1849 he became Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur and his work shifted from landscapes to scenes with animals and sometimes, laborers, in a dramatic natural setting.(3) Troyon's works are marked by his sensitivity to the variations of light which foreshadow the later Impressionist movement.


Estimate $18,000-22,000

The lining is adhered with glue or resin. There are large areas with varnish inconsistencies and broad glazes of retouch. Additionally there are some scattered small areas of retouch. Mild scattered craquelrue stable throughout.


Philippe Burty, Jules Dupres, Charles Kennedy Haddon, Camden, Victor Talking Machine Co., Louis Soullie, Paris, Barbizon School, porcelain painter , Antoine-Achille Poupart, Camille Roqueplan, Théodore Rousseau, Paul Huet, Denis-Désiré Riocreux, Musée National, Jacob van Ruisdael, Belgium, The Netherlands, Impressionist,,,, Barbizon